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As the Fall 2015 semester winds down please do not forget to enroll in the Spring 2016 semester if you have not already done so. In order to enroll, all Sociology and Anthropology majors first need to meet with your advisor within the Sociology/Anthropology Department. By meeting with your advisor, your advisor will help guide you to maximize your time and money towards graduation and what classes will benefit you the most for your career path. During the advising appointment, your advisor will also give you your PIN, which you will need to enroll for the Spring 2016 semester. If you do not know who your advisor is, your advisor is listed in your academic profile. (Log onto your MyWashburn, click on the “Student Academic” tab, and your Academic Profile is listed at the top of the right-hand column.) If you do not have an academic advisor listed or if your academic advisor is not one of the faculty within the Sociology/Anthropology Department, email Dr. Childers at and let her know the situation. If you have a preference on an advisor, include who would prefer within the email.

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Please Consider Giving to the Sociology/Anthropology Department at Washburn University - It’s Easy . . . Click on the link below and then follow these directions: Click on Ways to Give, Click on Areas to Give, See a list of all fund designations, Select either: Archaeology Program, Archaeology Program Scholarship Fund, Sociology/Anthropology Department, or Sociology/Anthropology Department Scholarship Fund OR Mail a check to: Washburn University Foundation 1729 SW MacVicar Avenue Topeka, KS 66604 Be sure to note one of the areas above in the memo line on the check. THANK YOU!

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Why major in Sociology and/or Anthropology at Washburn University?

We are a diverse and open-minded department with dedicated faculty who are young, but experienced, and very energetic. We are committed to one-on-one interaction with students and mentoring them toward graduate school and/or careers. We offer “active” learning opportunities for students with real-life application in numerous exciting courses of anthropological and sociological studies revolving around culture, society, and people.  We have a rigorous curriculum that is designed to prepare our students to successfully participate in a 21st century world. We are excited about the new forensic concentration in Anthropology, and the opportunities it will provide students. It is the first Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a forensic concentartion in the State of Kansas. It was developed as part of the relationship with the new KBI Forensic Lab and internships will be available with the KBI. Our students also have opportunities for community-service experiences. We invite you to take some time learning about who we are and what our department can offer you!

Success of our majors?

  •  About 1/3 of our graduating majors are now applying for graduate school, with an almost 100% acceptance rate.
  •  Majors who do apply for graduate school are being accepted by universities throught the U.S. and the world. Recent graduates have studied (or are studying) at Queen's University Belfast, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, UC-Berkeley, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Penn State University, and Clinton School of Public Service.
  •  Graduate school fields that our majors have studied (or are studying) include Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, City Planning, Museum Studies, Social Work, Health Administration, Biochemistry, Law, Medicine, Women Studies, and Library Science.
  •  Our graduates are also heavily involved in community service opportunities. 
  •  Our majors have gone on to jobs teaching ESL classes around the world, social work, working with police departments, city planning, adventure tour guide, musuem studies, state historical society, community organizer, data analyst for state agencies, and some have joined the Peace Corps.

“My time at Washburn set me up for success in the various far flung corners of the globe I’ve set myself upon. My solid academic education prepared me for the professional writing, cross cultural communications, and understanding of hidden factors while problem solving in foreign contexts to truly succeed in the wider world. " ~Phil Norris, Washburn University Graduate of 2009, Anthropology major and Sociology and Political Science minor

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