Web Advisors & Content Managers

Web Advisors & Content Managers

What is a Campus Content Manager (CCM)?

You are a valuable part of the Washburn Community and catalyst for the website. As a CCM you are responsible for editing and updating yoru department's pages. 

What is a Web Advisor?

A web advisor is the link between the Washburn site and us, the Web Team. Without you, we wouldn't be able to update your department's pages. With your direction, we are able to provide visitors the up-to-date and most accurate information about Washburn.

You may submit material for your deparment's web pages at web@washburn.edu. If you would like to become or switch to the role as a Web Advisor, please fill out the Web Role Survey

As always you can contact a member of the Web Team for more help with your website.

Shane Bartley, Webmaster, ITS
Extension: 1539

Erin Manuel, Web Content Specialist, ITS
Extension: 1888

Michaela Saunders, Web Editor, University Relations
Extension: 2154