Campus Activities Board

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Campus Activities Board

What is CAB?

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student organization that has programmed events for Washburn students to enjoy since 1952.  Cab provides well-rounded social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities for all students, faculty, administration, alumni of Washburn university, and the Topeka community.  CAB has positions for Talks & Topics (diverse and educational speakers), Live Music (musical entertainment), Varieties & Entertainment (light-hearted shows: comedy, movies, bowling, etc.), Marketing & Technology (event promotion for all events), and Recruitment & Management (oversee and train CAB Crew; Office Management).

What are the benefits of being a CAB Member?

First and foremost CAB members have a lot of fun!  From potentially meeting celebrities to interacting with new people and making new friends, CAB is focused on adding to the college experience of all Washburn students.  Involvement also provides the opportunity to develop a number of professional, leadership and life skills.  From creating promotional material to pitching a programming idea and executing it through to the end, all these skills can be applied outside of CAB in the community, work place or your daily life.