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University Honors Program


The University Honors Program at Washburn provides opportunities for highly motivated students to enrich their educational experience in various ways. Honors students at Washburn are offered special honors sections of existing courses, unique honors seminars and colloquia that satisfy general education requirements, independent research projects, close working relationships with distinguished faculty, individual advising, and special intellectual, cultural, and social activities.

Honors students also receive recognition at an annual Spring Banquet in addition to recognition on graduation transcripts and a special graduation stole unique to the University Honors Program.

The program fits well with Washburn's many four-year degree programs. Students work with the Honors Dean to organize Washburn's many resources to provide ample opportunities to explore, relate, and assimilate many diverse learning experiences.

Opportunities to receive special scholarships and assistance to complete scholarship applications are other benefits of belonging to the University Honors Program.

Getting In

Entering freshman students are especially encouraged to inquire about the University Honors Program. Individuals may apply on their own, be recommended by their high school or college faculty, or be invited to apply by the Dean of the University Honors Program. Students who demonstrate a strong probability of benefiting from, and contributing to, the program will be offered University Honors membership. Although proven scholastic performance is important, the Honors Dean will place substantial emphasis on student interest and motivation in pursuing an honors program.

The office for the University Honors Program is located in Henderson Learning Center (HC) 110. The Honors Study Lounge exclusively for Honors students is located in HC101.

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