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September 2012 News Releases

Fall 2012 enrollment figures released

Fall 2012 enrollment at Washburn University totals 7,204 students, a slight decline (99 students), 1.4 percent from fall 2011.  However, both the headcount and the number of credit hours in which students are enrolled (79,011) are the fifth highest on record for Washburn.

“We view this positively, as the number of high school graduates is down and will likely continue to decline until 2015,” said Jerry Farley, Washburn president.

The slight decline can be attributed to the recent change in the university’s enrollment criteria, he added.  Approximately 50 students who would have been admitted in previous years were not accepted. Of this group, however, 21 are now enrolled in the Bridge Program offered on the Washburn Tech campus.

At Washburn Institute of Technology, 920 students are enrolled for fall 2012, an increase of 55 students (6.4 percent).  Student credit hours also increased to 12,601 (4.1 percent) at Washburn Tech.

“We are pleased overall with the enrollment numbers in this challenging environment,” Farley said. “We believe we are well positioned and our marketing and recruiting efforts are on track with our plans.”

Farley was also enthusiastic that the average ACT composite score for fall 2012 first-time freshmen is 22.1. Washburn freshmen have a higher average ACT than the average for Kansas (21.9) and the nation (21.1).

In addition to academic opportunities, Washburn’s freshmen will be able to depart upon graduation with a financial advantage, said Richard Liedtke, executive director of enrollment management.

“Washburn was recently recognized in the US News and World Report as third among regional universities in the Midwest of students graduating with the least debt.  Washburn graduates who take out loans incur an average of $17,970,” Liedtke said.


Dena Anson, university relations, 785-670-1711