Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies

The Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies addresses issues of violence and victimization as an inter-university consortium of Fresno State University, Washburn University, and the University of New Haven.

Our Mission

The Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies applies rigorous, evidence-based approaches to addressing all forms of violence and victimization at individual, societal, and global levels through professional development and consultation, higher education, and research and analysis.


The Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies values:

  • Excellence in theory, research, education, and practice
  • Cultural sensitivity and competence
  • Respect for victim needs and concerns
  • Comprehensive and ecological analysis and service
  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Integral and accessible victim services
  • Inter and intra-collaboration of research and practice
  • Support for victim rights

California State University at Fresno, University of New Haven and Washburn University are associated with the American Society of Victimology.


“The whole experience was very valuable to me. I feel that I am leaving with a much better understanding of my requirements and job duties.”

“I found this extremely valuable and am looking forward to sharing with my co-workers (at the child advocacy center).”

“The knowledge and information I gained is priceless. Before I came this week I was starting to feel drained, now once again I feel energized and a new found hope.”

“This is the only training that I have been involved with that kept me involved the whole 40 hours …not once did I wish that I was someplace else.”

“Great personal speakers who have passion for the field. Real people! I was able to gather tools …that I can take back and use.”

“Amazing job providing an open, safe environment for us to learn! ….I have over 2000 law enforcement hours of training and this was AMAZING!”