Admission Requirements

Washburn University welcomes applications from all interested students.  As a public institution, the university recognizes a responsibility to serve the variety of its students’ educational needs.  Prospective students are always welcome to the campus and are encouraged to visit the campus prior to enrollment.  The Office of Admissions, located in Morgan Hall Suite 100, arranges prospective students’ campus visits. 

From and after the Fall 2012 term, the following requirements for admission will apply.

Degree Candidates

Students who are graduates of accredited high schools and wish to fulfill the requirements for a degree will be admitted as regular, classified students.  Admission classification will depend upon the student’s high school GPA and ACT exam scores.

  1. An application for admission must be completed by all first time students and by former students who were not in attendance during the prior semester.  An application for admission may be obtained from the Office of Admissions upon request.
  2. All degree seeking applicants with fewer than 24 completed credit hours of college work must submit official high school or GED transcripts.
  3. Official transcripts of all previous college work must be submitted prior to enrollment by all degree seeking applicants.  A transcript must be received from EACH institution attended.
  4. Students beginning studies at Washburn directly after high school and students with fewer than 24 earned college credit hours must submit ACT scores.  The scores will be used to determine admission status and appropriate course selection. 
  5. For fall enrollment, applications for admission and transcripts should be on file in the Office of Admissions by August 1.  Spring applicants should have applications and transcripts on file by January 2.  Summer applicants should have applications and transcripts on file 10 business days prior to summer enrollment. 

Regular Admission

Students meeting one of the following criteria will be granted regular admission:

  • A high school GPA > 3.5 OR an ACT score > 23
  • A high school GPA > 2.5 AND an ACT score > 19-22
  • A high school GPA > 3.0 AND an ACT score > 16-18
  • A GED score of 510 OR an ACT score > 23
  • A GED score > 475 AND an ACT score of 21-22

Exploratory Bridge Program

Students will be required to complete the Washburn Institute of Technology Exploratory Bridge Program according to the following criteria:

  • The student has a high school GPA < 3.49 AND an ACT score < 15
  • The student has a GED score < 450 OR an ACT score < 18

Academic Suspension or Dismissal

If you have been academically suspended and have not attended Washburn for at least one full semester (not including the summer session), you may be eligible for academic reinstatement. For more information, please call the Advising Office, 785-670-1942, or e-mail

Part-time Students

Students taking fewer than seven hours per semester are exempt from the above standards up to the point they have accumulated 18 hours of university credit.

Home Schooled Students

ACT test scores are required for admission to the university.  An official transcript is also required and will be evaluated for course content and completion on an individual basis by the Director of Admissions.  Home schooled students with an ACT composite score of less than 24 are required to submit a GED test score.  Home schooled students are admitted to the university according to the foregoing admission criteria. 

GED Students

Students who are not graduates of high school may qualify for admission by taking the GED.  The university requires official GED and ACT scores.  Students with GEDs are admitted to the university according to the foregoing admission criteria.

Provisional Status

Students may be permitted to enroll on a provisional basis if they have been unable to submit complete credentials by the beginning of the semester for which they have applied.  Provisionally enrolled students must have complete admissions files no later than the end of the fifth week of their first semester at Washburn.  Students whose files are still incomplete at that time and students whose credentials indicate they do not meet minimum admission requirements will not be allowed to enroll for a subsequent semester.  In accordance with federal regulations, a provisionally enrolled student will not receive a federal financial aid disbursement until all credentials have been received and evaluated to determine whether the student has met satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Program Admission

Additional admission requirements pertain to the following programs:

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Athletic Training (BS)

  • Art (BFA)

  • Communication (BA)

  • Education (BA, MA)

  • Music (BA, BM)

  • Psychology (MA)

  • Liberal Studies (MA)

School of Business

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration

School of Applied Studies

  • Master of Criminal Justice

  • Master of Social Work

Allied Health

  • Health Information Technology (AS)

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant (AS)

  • Physical Therapist Assistant (AS)

  • Radiologic Technology (AS)

  • Respiratory Therapy (AS)

  • Commuted Tomography (C)

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (C)

  • Health Information Coding (C)

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (C)

  • Radiation Therapy (C)

  • Clinical Laboratory Science (BHS)

  • Health Services Administration (BHS)

  • Medical Imaging (BHS)

  • Technology Administration (BAS)

School of Nursing

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Master of Science in Nursing

While admission to these programs is required for degree candidacy, some courses in these areas may be taken by non-degree seeking students with the approval of an advisor.