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Summer 2016 & Fall 2016 Enrollment

It is time to think about the Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 semesters – which means that it is advising time. ADVISING Sheets for advising appointments will be posted in the SO/AN Department office (HC218). For those not familiar with how to schedule an appointment, you can stop by the office and sign the sheet on a day/time that is open. The sheet is posted outside the professor’s office on the wall next to their office door. All majors are required to meet with their advisor within the Sociology/Anthropology office before enrolling. By meeting with your advisor, your advisor will help guide you to maximize your time and money towards graduation and what classes will benefit you the most for your career path. During the advising appointment, your advisor will also give you your PIN, which you will need to enroll for the Summer 2016 semester and the Fall 2016 semester. ENROLLMENT For registration purposes, a student's classification will be based on the number of credit hours the student has completed at Washburn University, any courses in progress at Washburn University, and any transfer credit hours that have been posted. Classifications: Freshman: 0 to 23 credit hours Sophomore: 24 to 53 credit hours Junior: 54 to 87 credit hours Senior: 88 or more credit hours You may register on your assigned dates according to your classification, which includes your current courses in progress. You may also register after your specified classification two-day block. Please note that Advance Registration is closed during the weekend. CLASSIFICATION SCHEDULE (for both Summer and Fall 2016) Undergraduate students will be able to register on their assigned dates of the Classification Schedule after their Classification Schedule and during Open Registration. Seniors: April 4 and 5 Juniors: April 6 and 7 Sophomores: April 8 and 11 Freshmen: April 12 and 13

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Awards 2016 - Dr. John Paul and Dr. Sharla Blank

Dr. John Paul (Sociology) - A. Roy Myers Excellence in Research Award 2016 and Dr. Sharla Blank (Anthropology) - Ned N. Fleming Excellence in Teaching Award 2016

Why major in Sociology and/or Anthropology at Washburn University?

We are a diverse and open-minded department with dedicated faculty who are young, but experienced, and very energetic. We are committed to one-on-one interaction with students and mentoring them toward graduate school and/or careers. We offer “active” learning opportunities for students with real-life application in numerous exciting courses of anthropological and sociological studies revolving around culture, society, and people.  We have a rigorous curriculum that is designed to prepare our students to successfully participate in a 21st century world. We are excited about the new forensic concentration in Anthropology, and the opportunities it will provide students. It is the first Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a forensic concentration in the State of Kansas. It was developed as part of the relationship with the new KBI Forensic Lab and internships will be available with the KBI. Our students also have opportunities for community-service experiences. We invite you to take some time learning about who we are and what our department can offer you!

Success of our majors

  •  About 1/3 of our graduating majors are now applying for graduate school, with an almost 100% acceptance rate.
  •  Majors who do apply for graduate school are being accepted by universities throughout the U.S. and the world. Recent graduates have studied (or are studying) at Queen's University Belfast, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, UC-Berkeley, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Penn State University, and Clinton School of Public Service.
  •  Graduate school fields that our majors have studied (or are studying) include Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, City Planning, Museum Studies, Social Work, Health Administration, Biochemistry, Law, Medicine, Women Studies, and Library Science.
  •  Our graduates are also heavily involved in community service opportunities. 
  •  Our majors have gone on to jobs teaching ESL classes around the world, working with police departments, city planning, adventure tour guide, museum studies, state historical society, community organizer, data analyst for state agencies, and some have joined the Peace Corps.

"The relatively small class sizes at Washburn and excellent staff of the Anthropology/Sociology department made my college experience very enjoyable and beneficial. In the winter of 2008, I went on a study abroad trip to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. This trip was one of the most fun and intellectually stimulating experiences of my life. It was very beneficial to me that Washburn could facilitate an excursion that would help my Spanish skills and allow me to visit Mayan ruins. Washburn even helped with a study abroad scholarship." ~ Spencer Crawford, BA Anthropology, December 2010

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